Agreenability is an alternative energy business that is developing innovative components for Geothermal Heat Pumps. Their technology is centered on a design for high efficiency piping for ground source heat pumps. The product is unique because it takes greater advantage of heat transfer and can potentially reduce the cost of the ground-loop by 50% percent. Agreenability is a "green" company housed in the Meadowlands Regional Accelerator. It is the brainchild of Robert Jensen, a successful engineering entrepreneur with deep experience in profile extrusion, injection molding and other forms of plastics fabrication. Technology innovations pioneered by Robert in the past form the basis of some currently used advanced geothermal installations, and Agreenability brings his latest innovations to market. The hallmark of Rob's work is performance based on simple, but effective design. The success of other companies that Rob has built in the medical materials and devices area attests to his attention to detail, as well as the dependability of his products.

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